Haf is a DJ and Producer born in South London, currently based in Brighton. Since a young age he has had a keen interest in many different styles of music. He was introduced to House and Techno in his late teens by his sister who was a DJ at the time. He began attending the wide range of parties that London has to offer and his passion for underground electronic music began.

He fell in love with the more stripped back sounds of house music and the thriving scene it created. With the desire to be more involved, he started DJing at 21 years old, spinning at various clubs in London such as 'Bar a Bar', ‘512', 'The Egg' and ‘Shelter' where he and a friend organised their own party 'Square’. At this time, he was also at college where he was studying music production and sound engineering.

After spending a few years focussed solely on production, Haf’s sound has slowly started to take its shape. His wide range of influences make it difficult to describe, he say’s its pointless trying - ‘Music would lose its magic if it could be described by words’.